Unfounded Fears of the Anti-Vaping Idiots

I’ve always thought that the ani-smoking commercials on television was detrimental to its own cause. Why? Because the commercials are idiotic, contain no useful information, and are not factually true. Now, these same people have launched the anti-vaping commercials, based on the same uninformed biases they showed in the anti-smoking commercials. Yes, smoking is hazardous to your health, and it has been proven medically so through scientific studies. Well, I was heartened that I Fucking Love Science posted this article, which I read through my Facebook feed: So Your Teenager Is Vaping E-Cigarettes – Should You Worry?

First of all I’d like to state that contrary to what anti-vaping idiots are saying that vapers are saying about vaping, most serious vapers do not consider vaping to be 100% safe. The term vapers use is harm reduction. People smoke cigarettes because they are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine by itself can be dangerous, but so can drinking 100 liters of vodka at one sitting. But nicotine becomes deadly when consumed with thousands of known carcinogens, more than seventy known to be deadly. So, we can all agree that smoking is bad. But, you really want to see someone quit cold turkey? I don’t think so. You think they should use other alternatives like nicotine gum, patches, or even drugs like Chantix? First of all, what goes into those gums that you chew to get nicotine? Obviously, the nicotine is absorbed via the mouth like chewing tobacco, I’m assuming. Well, we know what chewing tobacco does to you. How about patches? Have you ever asked yourself how that patch sticks to your skin? Why does the skin get a rash, on some people, when one uses a patch? And what does absorbing nicotine through the skin do to the skin? We all know that some quit smoking medicine can turn you into a sociopath, and maybe cause you to suffer depression and commit suicide.

Well, ceasing nicotine use is tough for most people. To rob them of a safer alternative is doing them an injustice. Anyway, drinking excessive amounts of coffee while trying to quit smoking is not going to help. Enter vaping. Vaping is relatively new, or relatively new to the public. Engineers and chemists got together early in this millennia and devised devices that would deliver nicotine in a “safer” manner. These devices were called mods. Now, these mods are available commercially, in many varieties, so you can choose the one that’s most suited for you. What about the liquid you may ask? Most of the liquids are made by people who use those liquids. You may find companies like Blue, or other of those disposables owned by cigarette companies, are made by people who probably don’t use them, and they make it for profit only. Most vapers don’t use those. Serious vapers support the small vaping shops that make e-liquid in sterile labs, with care, because they are going to use it too.

Unlike what the anti-vaping commercials say, most vaping devices and liquids are sold by individually owned companies, not owned by the cigarette companies. The big ones that actually made it to brick and mortar stores are owned by cigarette companies, that’s true, but two or three owned by cigarette companies does not make the entire industry owned by the cigarette companies. Before you believe the idiots’ misinformation in those commercials, do your own research.

As for targeting children with e-cigarettes: Do drug dealers target children? Is alcohol targeted to children? Are cigarettes targeted to children? Oh, wait, cigarette commercials are illegal… yet some children end up smoking. Damn, how did that happen? Dumbasses. Do you know who are the ones that target all these things to children? Commercials!!!! Yes, those anti-vaping commercials are seen by children. So, who is the one that is the biggest contributor to vaping in teens? The Anti-Vaping idiots who run those commercials! Yay!

OK, so now that we’ve established the idiocy of those anti-vaping groups who run commercials on television, targeting children, what should we do about vaping? I say let it happen. E-liquid is made from a combination of propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin, flavoring and liquid nicotine, all USP approved ingredients. So, go do your research on those chemicals, any food flavorings you may want to know about, and pure nicotine. I don’t purport to know that vaping is safe, but the evidence says that it is probably safer than smoking cigarettes. Also, when you exhale I’m pretty sure that is less toxic and dangerous than someone exhaling smoke from a cigarette. Vaping is definitely not harmless, but most likely, in all likelihood, it is less harmful than smoking.

So, what’s the moral of the story? If you don’t want children to know about these “things”, don’t make commercials about them! What are you, a bunch of morons? What do a lot of children do when they get back from school? That’s right, they watch television. Then, all of a sudden they see the anti-vaping commercials, with vapors that taste like candy! Woohoo! I’ll get one of my older friends to buy me one of those!

Fucking idiots. You’re no better than the paparazzi. You’re no better than the cigarette industry. The anti-smoking, anti-vaping idiots are idiots. Whoever is in charge of these groups, you may want to rethink your strategy. I think all parents should file a complaint with these groups for exposing their children to cigarettes and vaping. After all, cigarette advertisements are banned on television. So, keep it that way. “The dangers of …”, these words are ignored by children, unless you’ve been raised in a cave.

And I rest my case. These anti-smoking/anti-vaping groups are self-defeating. Or are funded by the cigarette industry since they can’t make commercials, they have these idiots do it for them. It’s a nice partnership, it seems. Go figure.

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