Drumpf as the Modern Day Shaitan

This is going to be about Trump, in a metaphorical level. So, if you’re tired of hearing about him, I understand. But, here I go:

In The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels traces the concept of the Satan back to its original (or earlier) Hebraic version. The being now known as Satan was originally called the Shaitan, and it wasn’t a specific being, but one of the many angels closest to God. The function of this Shaitan was twofold: 1) to accept all our sins on judgement day so our “life papers” were free of all sin; 2) to oppose us when we stray from the righteous path so we turn back to the correct path.

The first function was performed after we die, and we are standing in front of a God that is asking us about our “life” papers. This paper contained a record of all our sins ever committed while alive. The Shaitan, acting on our behalf, takes our “life” paper and presents God with another one that is clean of sin. God, trusting his closest angels, lets us pass. So, this is good, no?

But imagine all these angels lying to their God to save these lowly mortals who always stray from the righteous path and commit all types of unspeakable sins. I’m sure they get a bit upset that God loves these mortals more than them. At the same time, they have this arduous task of keeping us away from sin, the path to self-destruction. But that’s all we ever do, keep going straight to the path of evil.

In order to lead us away from evil, they don’t directly interfere, they do it indirectly by putting obstacles in our paths. So they make the path to evil difficult to traverse in the hopes that we turn away from that dangerous path.

How does Trump come into this? Well, he obviously has swallowed all the evils ever committed by the human species to make us look like saints. You can hear it in the words he utters, the vile things he says. Obviously he is doing this in order to make the rest of humanity look sinless, comparatively speaking. The path he is laying forth if he takes power is full of opportunities for high profile criminals (read corporations, billionaires, and those who would wage war to make money) to rampantly impose their greedy will upon the world. He has made himself the obstacle by presenting himself as the representative of all the things that is wrong with humanity, all the sins we will ever commit, or have ever committed.

In that sense, he has made himself our modern day Shaitan, or Satan if you prefer. He wants us to turn away from him and go back to the righteous path. He makes himself so dislikable that only someone who is irrevocably steeped in these sins will actually find his ideas compelling. These are the souls that are lost and cannot be saved, even by a Shaitan. These people he will take to Hell himself. That is what I believe Trump is figuratively, and literally.

The problem is that I don’t believe in Satan, nor a God, so…

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